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Holiday Gifts For the Writer
or "Wannabee" Writers in Your Life



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Holiday Gifts For the Writer in Your Life
by Susan J. Letham

What can you give the writer in your life this holiday? or,
if you're on the receiving end, what can you ask your loved
ones to give you?

Here are twelve ideas for gifts to give or be given this
holiday, all of them linked to writing!

A Rainbow of Post-It Notepads

Ideas tend to pop into a writers head at most unusual times.
Buy yourself a selection of Post-It notepads you can strew
around the house or carry in your purse for those moments
when inspiration strikes. Toss in a dozen pens as well, and
you'll be ready for all eventualities.

A Kitchen Timer

Freewriting is a standard writing technique most writers
find helpful. But watching the clock while you're supposed
to be writing can get in the way of your creativity. Get
yourself a kitchen timer and set it before you start to
write. Find a timer that ticks quietly but rings clearly.

A Framed Motivational Quote

Buy a picture frame and a postcard that appeal to you. Then
print your favorite (writing) inspirational quote on good
quality paper, leaving room to stick the postcard onto the
printout page, as well. Frame the illustrated quote and tie
it up with a huge ribbon. Voila!

Blank Note Cards

Never underestimate the unspoken invitation of blank note
cards or the joy they give others when adorned with your
poems and a handwritten note. Well-stocked hobby stores
carry blank notecards in many shades and paper grades.
Tip: try a combination of hand-embossing and your writing.

A Hand-Decorated Blank Journal

Blank journals or photo albums are often inexpensive. If you
like the paper but aren't too keen on the coverwork, don't
despair! Browse a handcraft store and pick up materials that
you think would appeal to the recipient. With a little
time and imagination you can create a unique journal gift.

A Bookstore Gift Certificate

Believe me, booktokens and bookstore gift certificates are
never boring. Most writers are also voracious readers, and
that's how it should be. If you prefer to give a book, find
out if the recipient would welcome books like a rhyming
dictionary, a thesaurus, or the latest writers' yearbook.

A Writing Magazine Subscription

Buy a selection of monthly writing magazines. Roll them
individually and tie them with ribbon. But that's not all,
add a handmade gift certificate. Tell your writer you're
going to give her a one-year subscription to the magazine
that appeals to her most. stand by and wait for the smile!

A Special "Writing" Mug

The brain is a thirsty organ. It needs 2-3 liters of water
(or herbal tea) per day to stay in perfect working order and
keep ideas flowing. Make it easy for your writer to stay
topped up--give her a special mug and a selection of herbal
teabags from a health food store. If your budget allows, add
a stainless steel thermos and a pretty tray.

A Basket Filled With Writing Supplies

There is nothing as annoying as having to stop what you're
doing and go to the store for writing supplies. Put together
a basket that contains a pack of printer paper and a spare
ink/toner cartridge plus notecards, envelopes, CD-ROM,
floppy disks, stamps, staples, pens, markers and so forth.

Bath Oil

Every writer deserves a reward at the end of a long writing
session. A relaxing soak works wonders when it comes to
regenerating body and soul. If you want to give that "you're
worth it" feeling, give your writer a gift of luxurious bath
oil, bath bombs, or body scrub plus a natural sponge.

Emergency Aid

There are, of course, those pear-shaped days on which life
will insist on getting in the way. When all else fails and
no work is possible, there is only one sensible remedy:
chocolate. Buy your writer a small emergency ration of good-
quality chocolate. Choose local and handmade if possible.

So there you have it--a list of suggestions that are bound
to please the writers in your life. Most of the suggestions
can be adapted to suit your budget and your available time.
Try one of these gift suggestions and watch your writer's
face light up this holiday when you get it right!


© 2004, Susan J. Letham

Susan J. Letham is a British writer, creative writing tutor,
and owner of . Download your
copy of the Inspired2Write Special Holiday Edition of the
Newsletter today as a handy pdf!













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