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We hope you, your family and friends will enjoy this CD and have a wonder holiday season.  
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Remember that you can send a friend to All Family Resources to download the Christmas Caroling Kit for free. (This is a great way to be sure someone has good recipes to make cookies or finger food to bring to the Caroling Party!)

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How to Use This CD

After you check to be sure your computer's system is compatible, you're ready to open up the ebooks and enjoy. You can only open one book at a time, so please remember to close the book you are using before you open another book. You can open, close and re-open any of the ebooks as often as you like. Our Librarian is very excited about that. We also added the tool bars at the top and on the left of each of the ebooks so that you can search, print, etc.

Just click on the title of any book on the stack and it will open that book.

Please be patient with the Christmas Coloring Book, the Holiday Shopping Catalog and the Christmas Caroling Kit, since they can take as long as a minute to open (and very worth waiting for). We put so much into them, they take longer to open than the other books. We hope you'll return to them often and enjoy their easy navigation.

We think you'll find this CD VERY easy to use. So, you can close this page and count on your new stack of books to be there for you when you're ready for them, time after time!


What's on this CD:

  • Holiday Family Fun
    All Family Resources Christmas Caroling Kit
         (with lyrics, music, poems, recipes, invitations,
         gifts to make at home, nine playdough recipes and more)
  • Safe Holiday Shopping, gifts with care included
         CareFairs Holiday Shopping Catalog

  • Books and Stories
         A Christmas Carol, an ebook by All Family Resources
         The Fir Tree, an ebook by All Family Resources
         The Gingerbread Boy, an ebook by All Family Resources
         The Snow Queen, an ebook by All Family Resources
         The Christmas Coloring Book, an ebook by All Family Resources
  • Holiday Help
         Helping Children Cope with Disaster at Holiday Time



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Copyright Information

All Family Resources Christmas Holiday Kit, Copyright © Care Fairs, Inc. 2001 All Rights Reserved. This entire CD is copyrighted as a collection. The front cover was created by Desert Sage Design. The complete All Family Resources Christmas Caroling Kit is included on this CD; please see the copyright page contained in that section for additional copyright information.


Terms of Use

You may copy and distribute this CD for personal use only. You may not copy and/or distribute this CD for any commercial or profitable venture without prior permission from Care Fairs and All Family Resources. For permission for other uses, please contact rights@familymanagement.com.  All Family Resources or Care Fairs, Inc. will not be held liable for any problems that arise from installation or use of this CD.


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